“The inbox class for entrepreneurs with anxiety”

We spend a lot of time in our inbox every day.
But because our brains aren’t made for information-heavy environments,
our inbox experience tends to trigger what’s called digital anxiety.

We’ve created a straight-to-the-point inbox class that will help you turn your
inbox time into a playful, energizing experience.

Made for people who:

too many emails

Feel overwhelmed by the amount of emails in their inbox

late replies

Forget to respond to emails or miss emails entirely

sensory overload

Struggle with anxiety, ADHD, or sensory overload

Chaotic to playful in as little as a week

With us, there’s no need to go full inbox zero. Your new inbox could be up and running within a week, no matter if you’ve got 100 or 100,000 emails.

The Curriculum

Six modules with instructional videos and checklists to walk you through the entire process, one bite-sized step at a time.

✨  =  Free to preview! 


•  Get a full walkthrough of the features found in your Gmail inbox
• See a demo of what your new inbox will look and feel like ✨


• Tweak your desktop settings to remove visuals that are needlessly taking up space in your inbox ✨
• Tweak your mobile settings so you can view your new inbox on mobile too✨


• Learn the methodology and color theory behind this inbox system
• Design and set up your folders


• Learn about what emails you should be letting go of
• Declutter your emails one section at a time


• Learn how automatic filters work
• Set up your filters to automatize the labelling of your emails


• Learn about timeblocking and how to set aside time for inbox management
• Learn the step-by-step process to upkeep your inbox, including:
  ⊳ sorting your new emails
  ⊳ managing your to-do list
  ⊳ managing your newsletters

Try the Visual Module for free!

Change your settings in 20 mins to create much-needed visual space in your inbox.

Taught by Jésabel DC

Hello! I'm the creator of The Lifestyle Lab and a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur who sometimes struggles with anxiety ✨

At the start of the pandemic, I noticed a lot of the entrepreneurs I was working with were also struggling with digital anxiety. The amount of information presented in digital spaces is too much for the brain to process.

So I started working with these entrepreneurs through 1-on-1 sessions, turning their chaotic digital spaces into calm, playful environments using techniques I developed while studying psychology and dabbling in design work. After working with over 60 clients, I'm turning this knowledge into a series of online classes in order for more people to have access to this style of anxiety management.

Whether you’re an established business owner or a new entrepreneur who’s just starting out, I hope you use this class to turn your inbox into a space you’ll want to work in every single day.


  • Which sliding scale price is right for me?

    When purchasing this class, you have the option to choose between Low Budget and Regular. For this model to work you need to be honest with yourself and your financial situation. But while I ask you to consider these factors, please don’t stress about them. Pay what feels right. I will not ask questions or quiz you on your payment choices.

    Consider paying less on the scale if you:

    • are a person who experiences discrimination and/or violence related to systematic oppression
    • have medical expenses not covered by insurance
    • have medical expenses, been denied work, or experience discrimination related to ableism
    • are eligible for public assistance
    • have immigration-related expenses
    • are a sex worker who experiences occupational discrimination (personal or legislative)
    • are an unpaid community organizer
    • are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history
    • are supporting children, family members in need or have other dependents
    • are an elder with limited financial support

    Consider paying more on the scale if you:
    • own the home you live in
    • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
    • travel recreationally
    • have access to family money and resources in times of need
    • work part-time by choice
    • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education, gender privilege, racial privilege, thin privilege, class background, etc. Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, I ask you to recognize this as a choice.

    This sliding scale pricing model was inspired by Andrea Vollgas, creator of The Vollgas Studio. These words are written entirely by her (and used with permission) and were inspired by others, such as Alexis J. Cunningfolk, Meghan Gilmore, Claire Louise Travers, Ride Free: Fearless Money, Margeaux Feldman.

    If you would like to use these words in order to introduce a sliding scale pricing model to your business, feel free to do so. I only ask that you give credit to those from whom the words came from.
  • Is this class only for Gmail?

    This workshop is made specifically for Gmail inboxes. If you're using any other email provider, this 90% of what you learn in this workshop will not work for your inbox.

  • Will I have access forever?

    Yes! Take as long as you need to complete it.

  • How long does it take to complete?

    The lessons themselves are 90 min long, but each module has homework you’ll need to do in your inbox. You have your inbox set up in one weekend, or it might take you a month. It all depends on how much time you set aside for your homework.

    An average timeframe for homework looks like this:
    0 mins
    This is view only – nothing to do here.

    20 mins

    1 hour

    4-12 hours
    This depends on how full your inbox is.
    No need to go to inbox zero. We’ve got a trick for you!

    2 - 4 hours

    All good organization systems require upkeeping.
    Continue decluttering and tweaking your inbox even after it’s set up!

  • Will this work on mobile too?

    Yes! You’ll be able to set up this system on the Gmail app as well!

  • Do I need anything else besides a Gmail inbox?

    Nope! We only use Gmail’s built-in features to design this beautiful inbox. No downloading any plugins and no coding required.

  • What skill level is required?

    Because we teach you everything from A to Z, only a minimum amount of tech-saviness is required.

Your dream inbox awaits.

*For Gmail inboxes only